Mr. Christopherson is ready to assist with remote mediations using Zoom or other technology that is suitable to your case. Please email or leave a voice mail to arrange your mediation.

Drawing on more than thirty years practice in commercial litigation, banking and real estate law, Mr. Christopherson has a very successful track record resolving cases referred to him for mediation.  While his approach to mediation is very cordial and attentive, after reviewing briefs, and holding pre-mediation calls with counsel, Mr. Christopherson prefers to focus his discussions in caucus on those few key issues on which the ultimate resolution of the case will likely turn.  These discussions often consider how trier of fact might view crucial evidence, questions of credibility, and concerns regarding the costs of litigation (both financial and emotional) and collectability of any potential judgment.   And while making clear to all parties that his questions and concerns will have no bearing on how the dispute will ultimately be determined if not resolved at mediation — “what happens in mediation stays in mediation” — it is very often the case that analysis of the case with fresh eyes and a strong background in commercial litigation and trial practice leads the case to a successful resolution.

However, the best evidence of the success of his approach are the comments of counsel who have been before him (as reflected on his LinkedIn page):

“We selected Dean to mediate a difficult fraudulent conveyance lawsuit based on his resume for handling commercial matters and his very reasonable fee schedule. The case was complicated by legal and factual disagreements. Expectations for settlement going into mediation were low given the positions of the parties. After a full day of mediation and Dean sticking with the case through telephonic follow-up with counsel, a resolution was eventually reached. I give a lot of credit for achieving the settlement to Dean’s insight into the parties’ perceptions and his willingness to continue working with us when settlement seemed impossible. I highly recommend Dean Christopherson as a mediator, especially for a complex real estate matter.”

Alec Walker
Attorney at McGuire & Walker

“My firm recently used Dean as a mediator and we were very satisfied. He spotted the issues with the case and laid a good groundwork for resolution. Resolving our lawsuit was not easy. Dean did a great job getting our dialogue on the healthy path of settlement. The parties, including my client, walked away assured that they had reached the best outcome without going to trial.”

John (JR) Richards
Real Estate Attorney

“Dean served as a mediator in a matter with a difficult plaintiff (I represented the defendants). Dean did a good job focusing on the facts and legal theories, ultimately helping the parties reach a resolution.”

David Stein
Partner at Donahue Fitzgerald LLP

“I have known Dean Christopherson for nearly 20 years. I know him to be a highly competent commercial litigator, particularly in the banking world where he has practiced for more than 25 years. As a mediator myself, I can attest that, with his calming temperament and quick insight, Dean is in a wonderful position to continue to develop a very successful mediation practice particularly in cases involving in secured transactions and banking litigation. I endorse him without reservation.”

Candice Stoddard
Principal, Law Offices of Candice E. Stoddard

Mr. Christopherson sits on the mediator panels of the California Third District Court of Appeal, the Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Solano and Sacramento County Superior Courts, the San Francisco and Marin County Bar Associations, and the California Association of Realtors.

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